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What is the Online Happiness Movement?

The online environment could use more happiness, so we started a movement!

We're obviously living in stressful times amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, Delta Variant, Climate Crisis, Social and Racial Injustice, Misinformation Dividing our Citizens, World Strife, Extreme Political Division and more.

Every opportunity to provide facts, find inspiration and spread joy is welcomed in this space, in an effort to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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The Online Happiness Movement web site was launched in Austin, Texas on July 4, 2019 to capture the power of positivity amongst Americans.

Our team is dedicated to helping make a difference while spreading love, positivity and inspiration.

The very beginnings of this mission went live while the people of the United States were delighting in fireworks celebrations together, pre-pandemic July 4, 2019.

Our goal is simple - To spark positivity online in an effort to light a FIREWORK of kindness:

Fulfill more PURPOSE
Ignite additional HAPPINESS
Represent more CULTURE
Embrace added VALUE to Society
Wrestle away negativity
Outlast crisis
Relinquish hate
Keep on SMILING!


Please, pass on the positivity!

Additionally, if you would like original content branded with your name, company, logo or web site to assist in building customer happiness and in an effort to promote positivity within your own audience, please get in touch via our contact form for more details.


This site stands to serve humanity with the greater goal of love and is dedicated in honor of our dearly departed Mother Carole, who greatly valued sharing happiness with others.
Capture the power of positive action and encourage online happiness in all of your interactions for a better world tomorrow. Pay it forward and let's keep kindness contagious!

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